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Welcome to my website!  I proudly represent the 95th District in the Virginia House of Delegates (parts of Newport News and parts of Hampton).  I am honored to serve the citizens and help make the Peninsula an even better place to live, learn, work, play, and raise a family.  Join the team today and together, we can continue to get the changes we need!

The 2021 General Assembly Legislative Session began on Wednesday, January 13, 2021 and we adjourned on March 1, 2021.  During Session, all 100 members of the Virginia House of Delegates met every Monday-Friday and you can watch our previous committee meetings and sessions here.  The House has 14 standing committees and the meetings were held at various times during the week. Can't remember how a bill becomes a law, no problem! Get your refresher here to follow along the process.

You can track all of the bills that we introduced and passed this year all the way through the legislative process.  We started off in 2021 Session and we ended in 2021 Special Session 1 - so be sure to check out the bills on the right site.  You can find how my bills ended by clicking here, with our 7 bill limit, I got 5 bills passed, 1 sent to study, 1 resolution passed, and 1 resolution sent to a work group. Take a look at some of the videos we have from session on my YouTube channel!

All the bills that passed both the House and Senate were sent to the Governor and the House and the Senate reconvened on April 7, 2021 to take action any vetoes and amendments. The bills went into law on July 1st of this year unless otherwise stated in the legislation.

We also had Special Session in August to allocate $4.3B in federal funding from COVID-19 relief measures like the American Rescue Plan.  I worked hard in this short session for rent and mortgage relief and community violence prevention funding.

Now, members are meeting with our interim committees. I serve as Vice-Chair of the Barrier Crimes and Background Checks Joint Subcommittee and serve on the Deeds' Commission (Special Populations workgroup), Behavioral Health Commission, the COPN workgroup, and the subcommittee on Reproductive Health Services Coverage. Here's a list of all of the study committees, workgroups, and commissions and for a schedule of meetings, click here.

Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter to receive important updates. And be sure to check back often for news posts and updates from the District.  We have included important information on COVID-19, including evictions prevention information.  Take a look around the site! And be sure to view our June 13th Town Hall!

And of course, this is an election year and I would love your support for re-election so that I can continue to fight for you!  Follow our social media pages and sign up to get involved in the campaign!

Thank you for visiting!


Marcia "Cia" Price 

Member, Virginia House of Delegates

95th District: Parts of Newport News and Hampton

"Be the change. Do the work."


A note about our Constituent Services: There have been some frustrations expressed with our requirement that you let us know if you are a resident of the 95th District. While I understand that concerns and issues often do not have the same borders as districts, my primary commitment is to the people I serve and then I will do as much as I can for others. Feel free to reach out to your own Delegate if you do not live in the 95th District. Here's a link to find out which Delegate has the honor of serving you: Who's My Legislator

updated 8/21/21



Thursday, December 2, 2021 6:01 AM

Banned from jobs: People released from prison fight laws that keep punishing them

In Virginia, the barrier crime law started two decades ago when legislators unanimously agreed to require background checks for some jobs involving kids. “It started out with a good idea,” said state Sen. John Edwards, a Democrat from Roanoke who voted for the bill in 1999. “Then it kind of evolved into this monster that we have now that’s overly broad without any way of getting relief.” 

Last year, after Democrats took over the state Legislature and the governor’s office, legislators created a subcommittee to study the issue, led by Edwards and Del. Marcia Price.  “We found that there is really no proof that we needed these barrier crimes,” Price said. “There was no proof they were keeping people safe, and it was actually doing damage.” 

In January, legislators are scheduled to consider a measure that could soften the law and create a waiver system. If it passes, it could give Carey the chance to go back to the work he does best.  “I don’t really care if it happens for me or not,” he said. “I just want it to happen for everyone behind me.”

(click to read full story)

Tuesday, November 23, 2021 10:56 AM

Newport News lupus survivor wants to bring awareness to two invisible illnesses with specialty license plates

In 2018, she founded the nonprofit organization, Social Butterflies Foundation. Its name stems from the butterfly-shaped rash that’s often a telltale sign of lupus. The organization provides a variety of resources including a support network, direct emergency assistance to survivors and their families, a college scholarship, and a wig outreach program.

Now, Corbett is fighting for the initiative that she said Del. Marcia Price, representing the 95th District, has stepped in to sponsor.

In order for the awareness campaign to move to the General Assembly next session, 450 preorders for each license plate must be obtained by Dec. 31.

If approved and signed by the governor, the plates will be made available for sale to the public. Corbett said a portion of each plate order will then go to Social Butterflies Foundation to further its mission and help more people throughout Virginia.

Sunday, November 7, 2021 4:47 PM

Opinion: Lawmakers to focus on repairing state mental health system

I’m proud to have a role in meaningful steps taken by the General Assembly to expand health care access, protect voting rights, strengthen housing protections, and invest in communities and schools. Even with that progress, there is much work ahead. As we look to the 2022 legislative session and confront a behavioral health system in crisis, investments to improve it must be a top priority. (click for full op-ed)

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 7:44 AM

Black voters in Virginia refuse to be blamed for a major Democratic defeat.

Democrats across Virginia expressed profound disappointment on Wednesday after Republicans romped to an unlikely victory in the governor’s race, an ominous sign for the Democratic Party ahead of next year’s midterm elections.

But one group refused to be blamed for the party’s poor showing: Black voters and elected officials.

Fears about Black turnout and a lack of enthusiasm did not materialize in Tuesday’s results, as former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, ran close to expected totals in the state’s majority-Black areas. Instead, Black state leaders and voters who backed Mr. McAuliffe said the results were a sign that the party could not rely on minority voters to cover its cratering totals in more white areas of the state, particularly in rural communities that voted heavily for Glenn Youngkin, the Republican businessman who won the governor’s race.

“I believe that Black voters are easily the first target for when things don’t go for how they want it to go,” said Marcia Price, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates who won re-election. “It’s a trash take to look at us and not the middle,” she said. “The middle said Youngkin is more palatable than Trump and they were willing to take a chance with him.” Ms. Price’s words reflect a sense among the state’s Black political class that communities of color are often blamed when Democrats lose.


Wednesday, November 3, 2021 12:02 AM

Del. Marcia “Cia” Price wins reelection bid for the 95th House District

Del. Marcia “Cia” Price won re-election Tuesday to a fourth term in the House of Delegates 95th District, beating Republican David G. Wilson. Price received 13,555 votes or roughly 63% ahead of Wilson who earned 7,760 votes or about 36% with 30 of 32 precincts reporting, unofficial results from the state Department of Elections showed as of 10:30 p.m... “We centered our campaign on the issues and really talking about my record for voting rights, housing, gun safety,” Price said. “The work we have done, the district asked me to do and I am really glad they are sending me back.”

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