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Welcome!  I proudly represent the current 95th District in the Virginia House of Delegates (parts of Newport News and parts of Hampton).  I am honored to serve the residents and help make the Peninsula an even better place to live, learn, work, play, and raise a family.  Sign up today and together, we can continue to get the changes we need and deserve!

The 2023 General Assembly Legislative Session began on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at noon and is scheduled to adjourn Sine Die on Saturday, February 25, 2023.  During Session, members of the Virginia House of Delegates meet during the week and you can watch our committee meetings and Floor sessions here.  Can't remember how a bill becomes a law, no problem! Get your refresher here to follow along the process.

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Marcia "Cia" Price 

Member, Virginia House of Delegates

95th District: Parts of Newport News and Hampton

"Be the change. Do the work."


Redistricting Update: The 95th District was impacted by the 2022 Redistricting process and in the November 2023 election will become the 85th District. For more information, please visit VPAP Redistricting Info on House Districts


A note about our Constituent Services: There have been some frustrations expressed with our requirement that you let us know if you are a resident of the 95th District when you communicate with my office. While I understand that concerns and issues often do not have the same borders as districts, my primary commitment is to the people I serve and then I will do as much as I can for others. Feel free to reach out to your own Delegate if you do not live in the 95th District. Here's a link to find out which Delegate has the honor of serving you: Who's My Legislator

updated 1/22/23


Wednesday, January 25, 2023 2:24 PM

Tenant protection bill dies as House GOP members reverse stance

House Bill 1650, sponsored by Del. Cia Price, D-Newport News, which would have empowered local governments to seek court orders directing landlords to fix uninhabitable dwellings, died in the House General Laws Committee with no debate. It passed out of the committee last year with the support of 11 of 12 Republican members, and this year’s version was approved in a gatekeeper subcommittee with the support of one member, Del. Emily Brewer, R-Isle of Wight, who voted to kill the measure when it came before the full committee. Del. Carrie Coyner, R-Chesterfield voted for it in both the subcommittee and the committee. 

After the bill died, Price fired back, saying House Republicans “have lost touch with residents so much so that they cannot even bring themselves to support legislation in 2023 that they supported in 2022... MAGA Republicans made it clear that they would rather protect wealthy slumlords over renters in desperate need of healthy and safe homes.”

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Tuesday, January 24, 2023 6:37 PM

Del. Price's Statement on Republicans Killing HB1650


January 24, 2022 Contact: Tempestt Boone,Chief of Staff 757.968.6054

Republicans Side with Slumlords, Vote Against Protections for Virginia’s Renters

Del. Price's common-sense housing justice bill was voted down today in Committee


RICHMOND, VA- Today, Delegate Marcia “Cia” Price, who represents the 95th District in the House of Delegates, released the following statement about Republicans in the General Laws Committee defeating HB 1650, which would have allowed localities to hold absentee landlords legally accountable:

"It is unfortunate that MAGA Republicans in the House of Delegates have lost touch with residents so much so that they cannot even bring themselves to support legislation in 2023 that they supported in 2022.

HB1650 was in direct response to constituent concerns and lived experience with unsafe and unhealthy living conditions. There are slumlords here in the Commonwealth who refuse to make necessary improvements and repairs for their renters’ health and safety. MAGA Republicans made it clear that they would rather protect wealthy slumlords over renters in desperate need of healthy and safe homes.

Despite the moral and political failings of my Republican colleagues, I will not back down from this fight. I will continue to be a voice in the General Assembly for these Virginians, and I vow to redouble my efforts to secure the protections they deserve. I have introduced other pieces of legislation focused on housing justice this session and look forward to defending those bills in the coming days and weeks as well.”


Friday, January 20, 2023 6:00 AM

Va. lawmakers gingerly take up issue of 6-year-old with a gun

Del. Marcia S. “Cia” Price (D-Newport News) responded in her own speech that she was “very encouraged” to hear a Republican talking about school safety and voicing support for teachers, after recent political efforts to blame teachers for school shutdowns during the coronavirus pandemic and to position them as opponents of the interests of parents. “I ask that we stop talking about teachers in dehumanizing ways,” Price said. “I ask that we stop denigrating them in order to feed our campaign slogans and actually work together as teachers, parents, children and community members.”

Most important, Price said, is that “the pain my city is going through … not be used for political points.” But she said Ransone’s comments could open the door “to finally have a conversation about guns in our communities.” “When you talk about gun violence and you talk about Hampton Roads and some of the things the schools are going through, they shy away from the conversation because then they would actually have to talk about the guns, and that’s not fodder for their base,” she said.

Monday, January 16, 2023 9:15 PM

Democratic Delegates propose 17 bills on gun violence prevention

RICHMOND, Va. (WSET) — Democrats in the House of Delegates introduced the 17 bills they submitted regarding gun violence prevention. Some big items in this bundle include raising the age of purchase to 21 years old and restricting the sale of assault firearms, large-capacity magazines, and silencers.

Delegate Marcia Price (D) is one of the five lawmakers making this push for reform. She thinks that reform is something both Democrats and Republicans can agree on in order to make our communities safer.

Price's contribution to this bundle is a proposal for a two-year study by the JLARC (Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission) on the social, physical, emotional, and economic effects of gun violence on communities across the Commonwealth. This is just one piece of what she thinks is a comprehensive group that encompasses the various issues involved in the gun violence epidemic. "In order to combat a comprehensive problem, we have to come to the table with comprehensive solutions, and that's what I think you see with the agenda that we've put forward. They're common sense. They're also evidence-based," said Price.

Monday, January 16, 2023 6:04 PM

Remarks by Del. Price on Gun Violence Prevention

House Democrats are unified in our commitment to ending the scourge of gun violence. We need evidence-based reforms. Community-driven solutions. To address the root causes of gun violence together. Failed policies from the 90s won't cut it. My full remarks below.

Good Morning! As established we are here to express our continued commitment to work for safer communities. As it pertains to gun violence, the district that I serve has been in the news far too many times due to lives being taken way too soon by what has sadly become known as everyday gun violence.  While we work on the evidence-based proposals that we know work, we also want to make sure that we fully and accurately understand the impacts of gun violence in our communities.  Yes, many families know the gut wrenching pain of losing a loved one.  But we all are impacted, socially, emotionally, physically, and economically in areas where violence occurs regularly.

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